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DRoar is a Lahore, Pakistan-based Sports Goods, Bags and garments supplying company that provide absolutely reliable quality and delivery at competitive prices. DRoar constantly improves to remain state-of-the-art in all its processes and as a product innovator, so that customers can be confident in partnering with us to achieve fashion leadership.


To become a top performing, professionally managed company in Sports and apparel sector, with regional footprint, operating responsibly and serving the interests of all stakeholders.


Doing well by giving back.


Integrity, Care, Excellence,
Collaboration, Innovation.

Leadership Statement

DRoar is going through an exciting time in which a profitable business is being transformed into a sustainable institution through close collaboration between the entrepreneurial abilities of the shareholders and managerial skills of the accomplished professionals. This is being achieved through change management involving renewed approach to performance management and focus on systems rather than individuals.


Our history and experience in the Sports and fashion business goes back to 2015 when two friends started in sports goods trading to finance their educations.

Built to serve style

DRoar has created a mill and a philosophy – to serve the world’s leaders in Sporting goods and apparel .

At every step DRoar has ensured a state-of the-art process.

For designers, this means you can rely on getting exactly what you specify. And it means that you can lead, take chances and create something really new knowing that DRoar will deliver exactly the product you dreamt about exactly when you need it.

Your products tell the world who you are.

And when your fabric comes from DRoar , you’re saying you’re the best. We are producers and suppliers, but more than that, we are your partners. When you’re designing the latest fashion, we’re part of your team, helping you find the right fabrics and finishes, keeping your costs under control and delivering the reliability and quality that makes you the best.

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